A Pithy Account On The Fordson Tractors And A Small Briefing About The Ford Tractor Manuals

The “Fordson Tractors” are the name of the tractors that are manufactured by the famous Ford Motor Company which is renowned in automobile production sector. This was the name given to those tractors that were manufactured by the Henry Ford & Son Inc till 1917 and later it was merged into their automobile producing company, Ford Motor Company in the year 1920 and it was produced till the year 1964. The first ever prototype of the Fordson tractor was released by Henry ford in the month of August in 1915 and it was named as “Model B”. Later these tractors were manufactured and were sold successfully in all parts of the world. Henry Ford started, “Henry Ford & Son” in 1910 and his son was one of the partners and later it was incorporated by him on 27th July, 1917. In 1916, the first tractor that was produced by Fordson was “Model F” which was a lightweight, small and very affordable tractor in that time. The nest model tractor was “Model T” which used a four-cylinder that produced 20 horsepower, which had three gear transmissions and it used vaporizing oil as the fuel. Later the “N series” tractor was launched by this company which helped many farmers to own a tractor in their life time.

They also produced manuals for these tractor that had the working method of these tractor and some of the ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts for these tractor. Each model tractor has a unique tractor manual and the case tractor manual described each and every part of the tractor which helps user to know about the tractor in detail. Some of the other tractor manuals are: Farmall Manual, IHC manual and Allis Chalmers Manual. The International Harvester Manual is the manual for the harvesters which can be used for all the model harvesters.

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